At First Steps Day Nursery we believe that children are given the best opportunity for learning and development where they are nurtured in a safe, secure and loving environment. We provide a varied and stimulating environment where children are challenged and valued, enabling them to reach their full potential.


It is essential that children have the opportunity for learning through play. Play for young children is important, it involves learning through their senses and can be encouraged and enhanced by skilful practitioners.  Play is fundamental in helping children learn about themselves and relate to others and the world around them. We support heuristic play which is based on natural curiosity. Heuristic literally means ‘to find out’.


We believe that every child is unique and place a greater emphasis on stage rather than age. We therefore support each child with their learning and progression through individually tailored planning based on the child’s preferences and our own observations. Our planning is designed to promote the acquisition of skills for life. We focus on Ethos themes which help to advocate mindfulness and care for ourselves and others in a range of situations. Ethos themes represent core learning objectives found throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). They are the qualities we are striving to instil in the children within our care, helping to prepare them for the future by becoming responsible young people.


We take our responsibility of protecting and safeguarding the children very seriously. All our practitioners are trained in paediatric first aid and Child Protection. To maintain our high standard of childcare our nursery staff update and expand their knowledge through continuous professional development as required and as necessary. To keep everyone safe, the children are encouraged to think about consequences and problem solve through staff asking open-ended questions. Through risky play we promote confidence and self-discipline where children challenge themselves while assessing the risk.


At First Steps Day Nursery we aim to create a home from home experience where parents and carers can feel confident that their child is receiving the care and support they require during the vital early years of their lives.