The nursery is open throughout the year with the exception of Bank Holidays and the few days between Christmas and the New Year when the nursery is closed. Full rates are charged for these days as the fees are based on the running costs of the nursery 52 weeks of the year. Fees are also payable if your child is ill or if you take them out of nursery on holiday. Fees are inclusive of all meals, snacks, formula milk, sun cream and nappies.

A deposit of £100.00 for 2 sessions or £200.00 for 3 sessions or more is required when a place is offered 3 months prior to your start date or as appropriate. Receipt of the deposit will place you on our waiting list. Deposits are non refundable should the place be no longer needed before the place is taken up, however if your child attends and a full months notice is given the deposit will be deducted from the final month’s fees.
Fee structure September 2017 – August 2018
Age Category Weekly Daily Part-time AM or PM

0 – 2 years £310.00 per week (daily rate £62.00), £64.00 full day, £40.50 half day


2 – 3 years £292.50 per week (daily rate £58.50) £60.25  full day, £38.50 half day

3 – 5 years £270.00 per week (daily rate £54.00) £56.00 full day,  £37.75 half day

Extra hour after morning or before afternoon session: £8.50

It is possible to secure an available place for more than a period of 3 months but 50% of the fees will be payable each month in advance until the start date, and will be deducted from your invoices for the 3 months following when your child begins nursery. Please note that 50% fees are not refundable if you decide you no longer want the place before your child begins.  Your contract commences with First Steps at the start of the 3 months prior period.

A full months notice is required to changes to booked places.

Bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis. However children with Special Educational Needs, referrals from Social Care or families already using the Nursery may be prioritised.

Extra sessions can be booked on an adhoc basis, but only if availability allows.

Fees are payable in advance on the 1st of each month and are calculated as an average monthly amount of 4.333 weeks per month.
Failure to make the payment at the beginning of each month will result in the following procedure:
• We will speak to you in the first instance as an error could have occurred.
• Should the fees remain unpaid a letter will be sent to you giving you a date to be paid by.
• Should the fees still remain unpaid by 28 days after the given date on the second letter you will forfeit your child’s place at First Steps.

We offer a 5% sibling discount from fees of the youngest sibling.

The level of fees will be set by the Registered Person and reviewed annually in the light of the Nursery’s financial position, its future strategic plans and any other broader economic or social considerations deemed relevant.

Late collection of children will incur a charge of £6.00 for every 5 minutes or part of.

Fees charged for children in receipt of the free entitlement of the Nursery Education Funding (NEF)

Children become eligible for the free entitlement from the academic term following their 3rd birthday.

Eligible children are entitled to access up to 15 funded hours per week of early years provision, for 38 academic weeks each year. The entitlement is claimed by the nursery on behalf of the child each academic term. The minimum claim is 2.5 hours in any one day, maximum claim is 10 hours over one day, 15 hours over 2 or more days. The funding can be shared with another early years setting but no more than two.

Flexible Sessions
Our aim is to meet all the needs of families using our service by adopting an inclusive and flexible approach. The free entitlement can be taken between the hours of 7.30am and 6.00pm, however should you want hours outside of your chosen funded hours then you will be charged extra for these, for example should you wish to claim for 6 hours from 8.00am – 2.00pm but wish your child to attend until 5.00pm the extra hours will be charged at our pm session rate less your funding in that time period. If you wish your child to attend during the term time holidays you will be charged at the nursery’s session rates.

The entitlement is free at point of delivery and deducted from your monthly invoice in advance.
The funding is paid to the setting in two instalments over each term; and is not paid for the academic term holiday weeks. For ease of invoice calculation and parent payment methods, the funding is deducted from each months invoice for the months included in each term as follows:
Spring term Jan – April inclusive
Summer term May – August inclusive
Autumn term September – December inclusive


We currently do not offer the additional 15 hours, however you are able to claim the universal hours with First Steps and the extra 15 hours with another setting that is registered for the 30 hours.